Asilah attractions

Area in Asilah


Asilah’s largely residential medina is surrounded by sturdy stone fortifications built by the Portuguese in the 15th century. Within the walls are tranquil narrow streets lined by white houses with blue or green dec…
Historic Building in Asilah

Palais de Raissouli

This palace was built in 1909 by Er Raissouli the pirate and stands as a testament to the sumptuous life he led at the height of his power. Beautifully restored, it is usually only open during the Asilah Festival. T…
Gallery in Asilah

Centre de Hassan II Rencontres Internationales

Located in a handsome house just inside the main entrance to the medina, this exhibition space hosts revolving exhibitions of international painting and sculpture in its gallery, and acts as the hub of the annual As…
Church in Asilah

Church of San Bartolome

Built in 1925 by Spanish Franciscans in a typical Hispano-Moorish style, this is one of the few churches in Morocco allowed to ring the bells for Sunday Mass.
Mosque in Asilah

Great Mosque

A bright-green door gives entrance to this mosque in the centre of the medina; it is closed to non-Muslims.
Gate in Asilah

Bab Homar

The southern gate into the medina, Bab Homar is topped by a much-eroded Portuguese royal coat of arms.
Mosque in Asilah

Hassan II Mosque

Well-used local mosque and useful landmark.
Gate in Asilah

Bab Al Kasaba

The main gate to Asilah's medina.