Anti Atlas Mountains attractions

Top Choice Museum in Ameln Valley & Jebel El Kest

Maison Traditionnelle

The three-storey granite, palm and argan house, some 400 years old, was inhabited by 20 family members – three generations – until 1982. The owner, Mohammed, is friendly, knowledgeable and multilingual, and obviousl…
Top Choice Arts Centre in Taliouine

Calligraphie Tifinaghe

Poet and calligrapher Moulid Nidouissadan paints Amazigh proverbs and colourful compositions from natural inks. Free to every visitor is a rendition of their name in Tamazight – crafted via a dramatic combination of…
Notable Building in Tafraoute

Maison Berbere Traditionnelle

Maison Traditionnelle stands in the largely uninhabited old hilltop village of Tazekka, where bulbous boulders have been incorporated into the pisé (rammed earth) walls of the centuries-old houses. You can visit the…
Natural Feature in Tafraoute

Le Châpeau de Napoléon

These rocks don't look much like Napoleon's hat, to be frank, but they're still weird and impressively massive, soaring above the little town of Aguerd-Oudad. It's possible to climb to the top; the views over the bo…
Rock Art in Tafraoute

Carved Gazelles

The most easily accessible examples of prehistoric rock engravings found in the Tafraoute area are the Carved Gazelles, 2km away in the village of Tazekka. There are actually two gazelles: one on the upturned face o…
Public Art in Tafraoute

Pierres Bleues

The bizarrely beautiful Pierres Bleues are the work of Belgian artist Jean Verame, who spray-painted the smooth, rounded boulders in shades of blue, red, purple and black in 1984. Decades later, they remain vivid ag…
Museum in Taliouine

Dar Azaafaran

This modern information centre is devoted to l'or rouge – red gold, the nickname for saffron – with a small museum, saffron for sale by local cooperatives and a display of the current going rate. There are also a fe…
Historic Site in Taliouine

Glaoui Kasbah

Gazing at the brown hills, the kasbah is mostly disintegrating, but it makes a pleasant sunset stroll. It's best experienced by spending the night at Escale Rando.
Market in Taliouine

Monday Souq

The village comes to life during the Monday souq, near Auberge Le Safran.
Archaeological Site in Ameln Valley & Jebel El Kest

Rock Engravings

The village of Tirnmatmat is the furthest from Tafraoute of the Ameln Valley's 26 villages, and features interesting rock engravings of various animals and hunters. The carvings are undated, but archaeologists think…