Top things to do in Aït Bououli Valley

Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Aït Bououli Valley

Cooperative Feminin de Tissage Aït Bououli

Immediately below Aït Bououli’s trio of mimetic villages is a stone-walled community association with a sign pointing visitors toward the Aït Bououli women’s carpet-weaving cooperative. This 40-member cooperative ta…
Village in Aït Bououli Valley

Sebt Aït Bououli

In the remote outpost of Sebt Aït Bououli, 14km off the main road, trekkers stock up on food for their M’Goun traverse at the Saturday souq. Some 2.5km beyond Sebt Aït Bououli, you’ll have to squint to make out a pi…