Top things to do in Ait Bougmez Valley

Islamic Shrine in Timit

Zawiya of Sidi Moussa

For a spectacular sunset, climb the steep but straightforward trail up to the zawiya (shrine) of Sidi Moussa, a local marabout (saint), on a conical hilltop at the centre of the valley. Look for the trailhead just o…
Market in Tabant

Sunday Souq

The valley's weekly market takes place on Sunday and offers a great insight into valley life. Traders and shoppers start arriving in Tabant on Saturday evening, 'parking' their donkeys at the top of town. Expect an …
Lake in Zaouiat Oulmzi

Lac Izoughar

At the very upper (northeastern) end of the Aït Bougmez Valley, the seasonal Lac Izoughar is a favoured watering hole for the nomadic Aït Atta tribe. Higher water levels make this most impressive in March and April,…
Cafe in Tabant

Café des Amis

Across from the Tabant post office, 50m down main street, this cafe whips up piping hot tajines in 30 minutes from lamb and garden-fresh vegetables. Roast chicken is also available.
Food & Drinks in Timit

Cooperative Tikniouine

This cooperative was formed in 2005 by plucky young women who secured EU funding to start cultivating organic walnuts, collecting mountain wildflower honey, and making their own mild, aged cow's-milk cheese, which t…