LGBT Travellers

Homosexual acts (including kissing) are illegal in Morocco, and carry a potential jail term of up to three years and/or a fine. Moroccan authorities have recently shown an increased tendency to prosecute.

In practice, although not openly admitted or shown, sex between men is not uncommon, even if few people actively self-identify as gay. Platonic affection is freely shown among Moroccans, more so between men than women. For travellers, discretion is the key in most places. Avoid public displays of affection.

Be extremely circumspect about using using social media apps to make contact with local gay men. There have been several instances of robbery and assault in recent years.

Some towns are more gay-friendly than others, with Marrakesh winning the prize, followed by Tangier. However, there are are no dedicated gay destinations; nightlife in the bigger cities has become increasingly discreet in recent years.

The pressures of poverty mean many young men will consider having sex for money or gifts. Exploitative relationships form an unpleasant but real dimension of the Moroccan gay scene.

Lesbians shouldn’t encounter any problems, though it’s commonly believed by Moroccans that there are no lesbians in their country.