Private Night Tour: Discover The Magic of Marrakech

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Everything comes to life under the glittering stars of the night! Immerse yourself in a wonderful mix of colors, sounds, smells and tastes. Experience the city’s vibrant energy by night and enjoy some of the treats that Marrakech is famous for.

Enjoy the intense magic of Marrakech at night: food, dancing, music and more. Everything springs to life when the sun goes down. It’s loud, colorful and highly energetic. And the mouthwatering aromas! The air is filled with the tempting smells of the local food cooked on open fires. Three hours of excitement for all your senses. And you can experience it all, guided by your favorite local.On this private tour, you’ll love watching the traditional Marrakech dancers and musicians. You can also hear wonderful stories, taste yummy snacks, and feast on a Marrakech specialty: Tanjia. It’s delicious! This is your chance to get carried away in a huge party that’s been bursting into life every night for years and years.Get ready to be amazed by the spectacular Jemaa el- Fna Square. On one side it’s a huge open-air kitchen with hundreds of stalls cooking local dishes on open fires. Every stall wafting mouth-watering smoky flavors into the air. On the other side of the square, street performers will capture your imagination with singing, dancing, juggling, and storytelling. Your host can translate the intriguing stories which tell of kings and queens.Enjoy some quieter moments too. A beautiful 12th-century mosque illuminated with loving care – enjoy the soothing effect. Try the “seven turns” that take you from the hustle of the souks through to the narrow cobblestone streets that only locals know about. Along the way, your host can tell you about the local history and architecture. About local Marrakech customs such as why most doorways have two doors – small and large - and why these doors display “the hand of Fatima”.Round off your tour with a visit to a rooftop bar where you can gaze on the fabulous show going on in the Jemma el-Fna square. Enjoy a cool drink, listen to the drums and flutes, and smell those delicious local foods.The local hosts on this private tour are all great storytellers and can’t wait to share some unique insights and personal anecdotes with you. Also, ask as many questions as you want. Find out where the best places are to eat and drink.

What's included

  • Private guide
  • Olives and dry fruit tasting
  • 1 non alcoholic drinks
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Coffee and/or Tea

What's not included

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Transportation to/from attractions
  • Extra food and drinks