Minibuses ply the main road from Monday to Saturday between 7am and 5pm. There is no schedule and no official stops, so just hail one as it passes. The fare is EC$3 to EC$5. For an additional fee, buses will travel off route to where you need to go.


Hiring a car on Montserrat requires obtaining a local driver's license (EC$50) at the airport, ferry port or the police station in Brades. Arrange a car through your accommodation or contact any of the agencies listed on www.visitmontserrat.com/get-around.

Driving is on the left. The speed limit is 20mph because of the curvy roads and steep terrain. Use your horn at hairpin curves. There are no traffic lights.


Naturally, there are some inherent risks in accepting a ride from strangers but on Montserrat this is actually a common way to get around the island. It's customary to waggle your forefinger rather than stick out your thumb.

Hitching is never entirely safe, and we don't recommend it. Travelers who hitch should understand that they are taking a small but potentially serious risk.


Taxis wait at the ferry terminal and the airport and may also be arranged by phone. Ask at your accommodation or contact a driver directly (see www.visitmontserrat.com/get-around for a list). Cars are not metered, so agree on the fare in local currency before setting off.

All drivers double as guides and charge about US$25 per hour for all passengers.