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Area in Ulcinj

Stari Grad

The ancient Stari Grad overlooking Mala Plaža is largely residential and somewhat dilapidated, a legacy of the 1979 earthquake. This is part of its charm – this Old Town really does feel old, with its uneven cobbles…
Beach in Ulcinj

Ladies' Beach

This lovely, boulder-strewn little cove – and its cave – is strictly for the ladies. It was given its name and status thanks to the high level of sulfur in the deep green water, said to be an excellent natural treat…
Beach in Ulcinj

Mala Plaža

Come July and August it's hard to see this little grin of a cove under all the suntanned flesh. If you're after a little more seclusion, go for a southeasterly stroll – you'll find a succession of rocky bays and cle…
Bar in Ulcinj


This behemoth of a beachside bar is actually a lot more relaxed than its intimidating size would have you believe. It's an ideal spot to start your night and get the goss on where to head next.
Seafood in Ulcinj


Antigona's clifftop terrace offers perhaps the most romantic aspect of any eatery in Ulcinj, and handsome waiters in bow ties only add to the impression. The seafood is excellent too – but be sure to check the price…
Pizzeria in Ulcinj

Restaurant Pizzeria Bazar

This upstairs restaurant is a great people-watching perch when the streets below are heaving with tourists. Though the name gives pizza top billing, it's their seafood that drags in the locals; the owners catch thei…
Beach in Ulcinj

Sapore di Mare

This pine-fringed rocky beach makes for a good break from the blaring pop and incessant preening of some of the more populated strips of sand near Mala Plaža. Despite the lack of sand, it's a good spot for swimming …
Beach in Ulcinj

Aquarius Beach

If you care more for socialising than sand, this one's for you. The rocky little cove is renowned by locals as the young folks' beach; the decibels of ear-shattering Top 40 hits, buzzy bars, fast food offerings and …
Church in Ulcinj

St Nicholas’ Cathedral

Set among a picturesque grove of gnarled olive trees just below the Upper Gate is this Orthodox cathedral. It’s a relative newbie, having been built in 1890 shortly after the Ottomans were booted out, although it’s …
Mosque in Ulcinj

Sailor's Mosque

An imposing stone structure right on the waterfront. It was completed in 2012, replacing a mosque (destroyed 1931) which predated the Ottomans. It once was used as a lighthouse. There are some interesting frescoes i…