Japanese in Sveti Stefan


If further proof was ever needed that Sveti Stefan was a hotspot for the hip and incredibly well-heeled, the 2016 opening of a Nobu restaurant is it. Perched on a wooded hill with divine views of the island and...

Christian Monastery in Sveti Stefan

Praskvica Monastery

Just off the highway in the hills slightly north of Sveti Stefan, this humble 600-year-old monastery, named after the peach-scented water of a brook that flows nearby, rests amid an ancient olive grove. It was an...

Beach in Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan Beach

The main point of coming to Sveti Stefan is to spend as much time horizontal as possible, with occasional breaks for a cooling dip. The water here gets deep quickly, as if the surrounding mountains couldn't be...

Beach in Sveti Stefan

Miločer Beach

At the northern end of Sveti Stefan Beach, a path leads over a headland draped in pine and olive trees to the turquoise waters and pink sands of Miločer Beach. Set back from the tranquil bay and fronted by a...

Montenegrin in Sveti Stefan

Paštrovića Dvori

With its authentic, homemade Paštrovići cuisine, this happy, hospitable, family-run restaurant ought to be on every traveller's to-try list. It is less flash than most of the other choices in shiny Sveti Stefan...

International in Sveti Stefan

Pod Murvom

This sociable bar and grill gives sun-dazed beachgoers the chance to refuel with toasted sandwiches, full meals, excellent coffee and fruity cocktails. It's right on the public beach; you can't miss it.

Beach in Sveti Stefan

Crvena Glavica

A short hike south of Sveti Stefan will bring you to this collection of small beaches with rocky red sand (crvena glavica means 'red head'). It's a steep and bumpy path, but if you're intent on seeking out some...