Top ChoiceMontenegrin in Stari Bar


Located on the steep road leading to Stari Bar's main gate (the restaurant's name means 'cobblestone'), this wonderful little eatery manages to be simultaneously very traditional and slightly twee. The focus is...

Montenegrin in Stari Bar

Konoba Spilja

So rustic you wouldn’t be surprised if a goat wandered through, this is a terrific spot for a traditional meal of seafood or lamb in wine after exploring Stari Bar. Be sure to ask for a taste of their domaća...

Food in Stari Bar


Celebrating the annual olive harvest with free olive-everything tastings, lashings of (thankfully not olive) wine and traditional performances.

Ruins in Stari Bar

Stari Bar

Stari Bar

A small museum housed in a 17th-century customs building just inside Stari Bar's entrance explains the site and its history. From here, follow the green arrows around the major points of interest. In the western...

Mosque in Stari Bar

Omerbašića Mosque

Just outside Stari Bar's main gate, this simple construction (dating from 1662) has a square stone base and an elegant minaret enclosed by a stone wall. The domed structure near the entrance is the tomb of...

Jewellery in Stari Bar

Opal II Filigren

An excellent place to buy silver filigree jewellery – they’ve been perfecting their craft over 100 years.