Rožaje attractions

Tower in Rožaje

Ganića Kula

Residential towers of this sort were once common throughout eastern Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania. Not just a defence against invaders, a kula was particularly useful for protecting the menfolk during interfamily b…
Mosque in Rožaje

Kurtagić Mosque

An attractive wooden minaret is a reminder of its venerable age, as are the extremely low doors leading inside, but the stone cladding on the street frontage owes more to its 1967 reconstruction than 1697, when this…
Mosque in Rožaje

Sultan Murat II Mosque

Rožaje's main mosque – built in 1450 but totally renovated in 2008 – has multiple domes and twin minarets. Tiling in geometric patterns completely covers the interior and includes an image of the Kaaba in Mecca abov…