• Greetings Some Montenegrins (especially those of Serbian heritage) engage in a three-kiss hello.
  • Visiting Take off your shoes when entering a home. Montenegrins are typical Slavs and are obsessed with draughts and cold extremities; they'll have slippers for you. Bring a small gift, like wine or bag of coffee.
  • Conversation Politics, religion, history and ethnicity can be minefields; tread cautiously.
  • Religion Walk backwards out of a shrine.
  • Personal Space Don't expect much; Montenegrins love to touch and huddle.
  • Dress Be modest when visiting religious buildings. Topless sunbathing is usually reserved for nudist beaches.
  • Eating If you're dining with locals, arrive hungry. This is a nation of feeders.
  • Drinking Engaging in a toast without eye contact may result in calamity, as will pouring your own rakija (fruit brandy).