Plav attractions

Christian Monastery in Plav

Brezojevica Monastery

Three kilometres north of Plav, Brezojevica Monastery is a study in rural tranquillity. Meadows of yellow and purple flowers line the riverbank broken by the occasional abandoned stone building.A stone gate, topped …
Tower in Plav

Redžepagića Kula

This defensive tower, slightly up the hill from the Redžepagić Mosque, officially dates to 1671, although it's possibly 16th century. The bottom two floors have stone walls over a metre thick, capped by a wooden sto…
Gardens in Plav

Velemun Botanic Garden

Less than 3km north of Plav, this beautiful private garden is home to more than 300 different plant species, many of which are endemic to the region. Learn all about them with the chatty owner over a glass or three …