Bay of Kotor




Vistas of the Bay

Whether gazing at it from water level or from high above on the Lovćen road, the bay's mountain ramparts and inky waters will take your breath away.

Echoes of Venice

Built to last out of gleaming stone, the Bay of Kotor's numerous palaces and churches owe much to the influence of its one-time taskmaster to the north. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Perast, a little town bathed in the baroque.

Coastal Cuisine

The seafood dishes of the coast represent the best of the country's traditional cuisines. Try specialities such as grilled squid, fish soup, squid-ink risotto or simply grilled fish, drizzled with olive oil, parsley and garlic.

Adriatic Coast




Beach Life

Clear waters, mountain backdrops and a sunny summer conspire to bring the Mediterranean fantasy into reality. Rows of umbrellas and recliners blanket the busier beaches, but you can escape the tourist hordes in secluded spots such as Kraljičina Plaža and Drobni Pijesak.

Walled Towns

From the marbled streets of Budva's Old Town, to the cobbled lanes of Ulcinj's, to the ruins of Stari Bar, the coast's walled towns will transport you through time.

Party Central

Come summer, Budva becomes Montenegro's party capital. Up to 5000 people regularly dance the night away at the open-air Top Hill nightclub, while down by the water, a string of al fresco bars and clubs pulls punters day and night.

Central Montenegro




National Parks

From the depths of Lake Skadar to the heights of Lovćen, Central Montenegro's national parks protect a broad range of habitats. Birdwatchers will find plenty to twitch about, especially around Skadar, which is categorised as a wetland of international importance.

The Royal Capital

Much of Montenegro's history, culture and national identity is tied to Cetinje, its former capital. That story is told through the town's historic buildings and an array of museums.

Spiritual Outposts

The monastic life is integral to the Serbian Orthodox faith, and this region is blessed with the country's most significant shrine, Ostrog Monastery. Almost as affecting are the tiny island monasteries scattered around Lake Skadar.

Northern Mountains




Mountain Majesty

Large areas of rugged wilderness blanket this region, from Durmitor in the northwest to Prokletije in the southeast and Bjelasica in between. It's an extraordinary landscape that never fails to astound.

Outdoors Adventures

Durmitor is the activity capital of Montenegro. The big three are rafting, hiking and skiing, but there's also the potential for rock climbing, canyoning and mountaineering.

Frescoes & Icons

Not only does Morača Monastery have an exquisite setting, it contains an extraordinary wealth of religious art. Morača may be the most beautiful of Montenegro's monasteries, but Piva, Dobrilovina and Pljevlja's Holy Trinity are no slackers either.