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Top Choice Seafood in Perast

Restaurant Conte

If you don't fall in love here – with Perast, with your dining partner, with a random waiter – consider your heart stone; with its idyllic island views, lashings of flowers and super-fresh oysters (hello, aphrodisia…
Top Choice Seafood in Perast

Konoba Školji

This cute, traditional waterfront restaurant is all about the thrill of the grill; fresh seafood and falling-off-the-bone meats are barbecued to perfection in full view of salivating diners. Thankfully, they're not …
Island in Perast

Gospa od Škrpjela

This iconic island was artificially created (on 22 July 1452, to be precise) around a rock where an image of the Madonna was found; every year on that same day, the locals row over with stones to continue the task. …
Island in Perast

Sveti Djordje

Sveti Djordje, rising from a natural reef, is the smaller of Perast's two islands. It houses a Benedictine monastery shaded by cypresses, and a large cemetery, earning it the local nickname 'Island of the Dead'. Leg…
Montenegrin in Perast

Konoba Otok Bronza

Dating from the 12th century (yes, you read that right), this memorable place has a cavelike interior with a spring spouting mountain water from its rock walls. Settle in for a traditional meal or just soak up the m…
Bar in Perast

Beach Bar Pirates

Tucked under the road on the Risan edge of Perast, this little beach bar serves beers, cocktails and coffees. It often hosts live music acts and beach parties. It's also the best spot in Perast for a swim.
Cultural in Perast

Gadjanje Kokota

Possibly even more distasteful than it sounds (Gadjanje Kokota translates as 'Shooting a Cock'), this tradition commemorates a 1654 victory by the people of Perast over the Turks. A competition is held to shoot a ro…
Church in Perast

St Nicholas’ Church

This large church has never been completed, and given that it was commenced in the 17th century and the bay’s Catholic community has declined markedly since then, one suspects it never will be. Its treasury contains…
Cultural in Perast


In this traditional annual event, male descendents of Perast’s leading families row a convoy of decorated and roped-together boats to deposit stones on Gospa od Škrpjela island. It’s now accompanied by a two-day yac…
Museum in Perast

Perast Museum

The Bujović Palace, dating from 1694, has been lovingly preserved and converted into a museum showcasing the town’s proud seafaring history. It’s worth visiting for the building alone and for the wondrous photo oppo…