Top Choice Seafood in Perast

Restaurant Conte

If you don't fall in love here – with Perast, with your dining partner, with a random waiter – consider your heart stone; with its idyllic island views, lashings of flowers and super-fresh oysters (hello, aphrodisia…
Top Choice Seafood in Perast

Konoba Školji

This cute, traditional waterfront restaurant is all about the thrill of the grill; fresh seafood and falling-off-the-bone meats are barbecued to perfection in full view of salivating diners. Thankfully, they're not …
Montenegrin in Perast

Konoba Otok Bronza

Dating from the 12th century (yes, you read that right), this memorable place has a cavelike interior with a spring spouting mountain water from its rock walls. Settle in for a traditional meal or just soak up the m…