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Outdoor Activities

Via Ferrata Durmitor

This ferrata is located on the rock of Uvita Greda, which is a walk 10 minutes away from Sedlo, at the very heart of the National Park Durmitor.Ferrata starts at an altitude of 2000m and ends at 2198m. From the rock of Uvita Greda, a large number of peaks of Durmitor mountain massif can be seen, as well as Mount Vojnik, Skoči djevojka etc.Also, there is a great possibility that we will see some of the wild life that enriches the National Park Durmitor, most likely the wild goats which dominate the region. Each participant is secured with alpine equipment - cables and ropes. All participants receive complete alpine and protective equipment (helmet, belt and ferrata system, which includes 2 carabiners, belt connector and the safety system). All participants are guided by our experienced guides who are also mountain rescuers (members of the Mountain Service).
160 minutes
Kid Friendly

My Guided Trip - Best of the North of Montenegro - Canyon and Parks Private Tour

Here you can find the most dramatic mountainous landscapes embellished by stunning glacial lakes and rich biodiversity. You will experience how wild nature meets rich culture in a fascinating way, and it does not matter how far you can go into the wild, you will still find beautiful monasteries, old villages, smiling people and warm, hearty meals. My Guided Trip has designed this full day tour so that you can make the most of Montenegro’s in lands and wild nature. Come and enjoy the great sights in the north of Montenegro as we follow the route made by the river canyons of this region by cutting the highest mountains of the country. Idyllic roads and beautiful scenery will leave you speechless, and you will see different landscapes forest communities and deepest canyon of Europe as you pass from one region to another.
11 hours
Kid Friendly

My Guided Trip - Exploring Durmitor - Black Lake and Tara Canyon Private Tour

The impressively rugged and dramatic Durmitor is the pride of Montenegro. You cannot help being astonished by its raw natural beauty, carved out by glaciers and underground streams. The deep canyons and the glittering glacial lakes are breathtaking. On this tour, we will visit the jewel in Durmitor’ crown, the Black lake. Lose yourself in its serene beauty or go exploring with a kayak, the choice is yours. We will come on the famous River Tara with the second deepest river canyon in the World where you will enjoy visit to its architectural wonder – Bridge on Djurdjevica Tara.
11 hours
Outdoor Activities

My Guided Trip - Private Durmitor Hiking Tour - High mountains of Montenegro

What makes it unique is the incredible beauty of Durmitor national park. In this easily marked trail of Poscenski kraj – Dolina jezera – Sedlo, we will journey through open green pastures, enjoy the beauty of one of 18 glacial lakes (the lakes have been nicknamed Gorske Oči, or ‘mountain eyes’) and revel in the raw natural beauty and breathtaking scenery throughout the hike. This tour is one of the most popular and convenient tours that will allow you to experience the best views at the highest peaks of Durmitor as well as taking the most central path through the National Park.
10 hours
Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day Active Break Including Tara River Rafting Piva Lake Hike and Piva Lake Cruise

Book this 2-day tour and experience a thrilling rafting tour, a casual hike and a relaxing cruise on Piva Lake to take in the breath-taking scenery. The two-night full board stay in traditional wooden/stone cabins in an ethno-village overlooking Piva Lake is the perfect place to unwind and relax after your activities.This package is suitable for families with children aged 9 years+, couples and groups of friends who wish to explore the beauty of the north in a relaxed way. Depending on your holiday plans, you can also extend your stay.
2 days
Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Hiking Break in Montenegro Inclusive of 3 Hikes, Lake Cruise and Full Board Accommodation

Over three days you will experience the beautiful and unspoiled nature of the Piva Region by hiking along the banks of the Piva Lake, hiking to 1300 meters above sea level to visit the ‘Glacier Lakes’, hiking through forests to visit an ‘Ice Cave’ and cruising on the Piva Lake and through the Piva Canyon, combined with tasting all of the culinary delights that the North of Montenegro has to offer! The two-night full board stay in traditional wooden/stone cabins in an ethno-village overlooking the Piva Lake is the perfect place to unwind and relax after your activities.
3 days