Top things to do in Nikšić

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Its name means 'bakery', but there's more to this wildly popular hangout than bread rolls. While their baked offerings – waffles, cakes and outrageously stacked pancakes – are indeed divine, it's also worth a visit …
Bar in Nikšić

Blues Brothers Bar

Fantastic bar that often hosts various cultural events, from music (orchestra, blues, rock, you name it) to alternative art and cinema exhibitions.
Bar in Nikšić

Propaganda Bar

This vibrant cafe-bar is populated by friendly, arty locals nattering over superb coffees by day and even better cocktails by night.
Museum in Nikšić

Nikšić Heritage Museum

King Nikola must have kept the country’s builders busy as there’s yet another of his palaces here (adding to those in Cetinje, Podgorica and Bar). Now used as a museum, it’s badly in need of renovating.Start upstair…
Church in Nikšić

St Basil of Ostrog's Cathedral

Sitting grandly on top of a pine-covered hill, Nikšić's hefty Serbian Orthodox cathedral was built between 1895 and 1900. A central dome floods the interior with light and massive chandeliers hang from the ceiling. …
Bridge in Nikšić

Most na Moštanici

The five graceful arches of Most na Moštanici, a 3rd Century Roman bridge, once spanned a flowing river that is today a dry ditch. Travelling west on the road to Trebinje in Hercegovina, a large sign on the left (3.…
Fortress in Nikšić

Bedem Fortress

The original Nikšić was built within sturdy walls on a rocky hill to the west of the current town. This was the site of a 4th-century Roman military base that was taken over by the Goths and fortified. Today, the pa…
Lake in Nikšić

Lake Slano

Although it’s an artificial structure (there’s a dam at one edge), Slano's sparkling blue waters, low-lying islands and green borders make for a beautiful vista. There are a few tiny villages on the shore but there’…
Square in Nikšić

Freedom Square

The heart of Nikšić is this large open area at the centre of Ulica Njegoševa, the main street. On summer nights what seems like the entire population – from toddlers to the elderly – parade up and down the square. …
Lake in Nikšić

Lake Krupac

Locals have nicknamed this lake ‘Nikšić’s sea’. It has a small sandy beach, a couple of beach bars, picnic spots under the poplar trees and pedal boats, jet skis and kayaks for hire. The annual Lake Fest music festi…