LGBT Travellers

Where’s the party? The answer’s nowhere. Although homosexuality was decriminalised in 1977 and discrimination outlawed in 2010, you won’t find a single gay or lesbian venue in Montenegro. Don’t be fooled by all the men walking arm in arm, or hand in hand in the Albanian areas. Attitudes to homosexuality remain hostile and life for gay people is extremely difficult, exacerbated by the fact that most people are expected to live at home until they’re married.

In recent years there have been high-profile incidents of violence against gay activists. The country's first Pride parade was held in Budva in 2013; an Orthodox priest consecrated the town afterwards to 'stop the disease spreading'. Since then, Podgorica has held annual parades, the most recent of which have passed without serious incident.

Many gay men connect via apps or take their chances at a handful of cruisy beaches. These include Jaz Beach near Budva (eastern end), Ada Bojana and below the ruins of Ratac near Bar. Lesbians will find it harder to access the local community.

Check out Queer Montenegro ( for details on Pride, arts and cultural events, and news updates.