Ruins in Lake Skadar National Park

Žabljak Crnojevića

For a brief time in the 15th century, between the fall of Skadar (now Shkodra in Albania) and the founding of Cetinje, this was the capital of Zetan ruler Ivan Crnojević. Now the enigmatic ruins stand forlornly on a…
Bridge in Rijeka Crnojevića

Danilo’s Bridge

This arched limestone bridge is the telegenic trademark of Rijeka Crnojevića. It was built in 1853 by Prince Danilo.
Village in Virpazar


This charismatic little village four kilometres to Virpazar's southeast is a serene spot to stop and sample some local wines. Have a wander around the cluster of stone houses; someone will undoubtedly call you over …
Island in Islands


In the early years of the new millennium, an exceedingly welcoming community of nuns revived Beška Monastery after 300 years of abandonment. Fourteenth-century St George's Church is still undergoing slow reconstruct…
Island in Islands


Starčevo Monastery was named somewhat unflatteringly after the hermit who founded the monastery in 1377; it translates as Old Man’s Monastery. Revived in the last three decades, Starčevo has an old man once again – …
Fortress in Virpazar

Besac Fortress

Looking out over Virpazar, this recently reconstructed fortress was built by the Turks in 1478, and was the scene of many a bloody battle; it was also used as a prison by the occupying Italians in WWII. These days, …
Memorial in Virpazar

July 13 Uprising Memorial

On July 13 1941, men from Virpazar and nearby villages attacked the occupying Italian garrison and liberated the town; the uprising was among the first against the Axis powers in Montenegro. This striking bronze scu…
Island in Islands


Grmožur, the closest island to Virpazar, is topped by a Turkish-built fortress (1843). It served as a prison until the early 20th century; apparently, only one person ever escaped from the island, earning it the nic…
Island in Islands


Moračnik island's monastery dates from at least the early 15th century. Its small domed stone church dedicated to the Holy Virgin is watched over by a tower-like accommodation block occupied by a friendly monk.
Monastery in Vranjina

St Nicholas’ Monastery

The Vranjina walking trail leads to this 13th-century complex that’s been destroyed in many wars; the current building dates from the 19th century. The monastery is also a regular stop on boat tours.