Kotor shopping

Gifts & Souvenirs in Kotor

Cats of Kotor

Though you can't bundle them into your backpack (tempting as it may be), you can bring home the cats of Kotor in the form of beautiful, locally made handicrafts with a feline flavour. Part gallery, part boutique, th…
Market in Kotor

Kotor Bazaar

Recently opened in the long-abandoned cloister of a Dominican monastery, this little market has stalls selling T-shirts, souvenirs and religious icons. In the back corner there's a little medieval 'museum', where fo…
Market in Kotor

City Market

Self-caterers can stock up at this food market under the town walls. The vendors are happy to give out free samples of everything, from local pršut and cheese to olives and strawberries. On summer evenings stalls sp…
Mall in Kotor


This shopping centre, on the highway near the Stari Grad, has a big supermarket, loads of boutiques, a pharmacy, banks and a supervised kids' playground (from €3 per hour). It's a good place to buy a local SIM card.
Clothing in Kotor

Secondhand Shop

If you feel like ditching your duds after a long, sweaty day of kicking along the cobblestones (or just love a bargain), this Old Town op-shop is overflowing with top-quality threads.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Kotor

Efesya Souvenir

The best of a crop of Turkish shops to spring up in recent years, Efesya sells colourful glass lamps, ceramics, scarves, bags and even chess sets.
Antiques in Kotor

Antiques Stanković

A treasure trove of socialist medals, Roman coins, antique jewellery, traditional garb and other interesting stuff to blow the budget on.