Top things to do in Gusinje

Montenegrin in Gusinje


At the Ali Pasha Springs, this excellent restaurant and attached campground (sites €5) enjoy a beautiful, bucolic location. The atmospheric restaurant was once a watermill, and its rustic charm – not to mention the …
Spring in Gusinje

Ali Paša Springs

In a beautiful, bucolic setting at the foothills of the Prokletije mountains, these karst springs are an ideal spot for a picnic. Locals extol the health benefits of drinking the springs' water, purportedly rich in …
Mosque in Gusinje

Vizier’s Mosque

The most impressive architecture of Gusinje's religious buildings is this mosque (1626). This stone structure has a wooden porch and minaret that are similar to the mosques in Plav but better preserved. It’s interes…
Club in Gusinje

Galaxy Club

The (only) place in Gusinje for hanging with locals over a few drinks.