Top things to do in Durmitor National Park

Top Choice Canyon in Durmitor National Park

Tara Canyon

Slicing through the mountains at the northern edge of the national park, the Tara River forms a canyon that is 1300m deep at its peak (the Grand Canyon plummets a mere 200m deeper). The best views are from the water…
Top Choice Lake in Durmitor National Park

Black Lake

Eighteen glittering glacial lakes known as gorske oči (mountain eyes) dot the Durmitor range. The spectacular Black Lake, a pleasant 3km walk from Žabljak, is the largest of them and the most visited part of the nat…
Top Choice Italian in Durmitor National Park

Lupo D'argento

This shiny, modern place is undoubtedly Žabljak's hippest restaurant; so hip, in fact, that you may wonder why it's here at all. Don't question, just enjoy. The menu covers all the Italian classics, and they do wond…
Montenegrin in Durmitor National Park


The focus is firmly on local specialities at this appealing wood-and-glass restaurant. In summer, grab a seat on the large terrace and tuck into a Durmitorska večera (Durmitor dinner) platter featuring air-dried bee…
Cemetery in Durmitor National Park

Stećci Sites

These mysterious carved stone tomb monuments – dating from between the 12th and 16th centuries – can be found across northern Montenegro and neighbouring Bosnia. There are two extremely significant stećci sites in D…
Bridge in Durmitor National Park

Tara Bridge

The elegant spans of the 150m-high Tara Bridge were completed just as WWII was starting. At the time it was the largest concrete arched vehicular bridge in Europe. Its 365m length is carried on five sweeping arches,…
Christian Monastery in Durmitor National Park

Dobrilovina Monastery

Near the eastern boundary of the national park, 28km from Mojkovac, this monastery has an idyllic setting in lush fields hemmed in by the mountains and the Tara River. If you knock at the accommodation wing, a black…
Pizza in Durmitor National Park

Zlatni Papagaj

The 'Golden Parrot' has the feel of a pirate lair, with wine-barrel tables, a wooden ceiling hung with chandeliers and a thick fug of cigarette smoke (though there is a nonsmoking section, a rarity round these parts…
Montenegrin in Durmitor National Park

Konoba Luna

The Montenegrin equivalent of a greasy spoon, this humble cafe-bar serves good cheap meals in simple surrounds. The menu stretches from kačamak (polenta porridge with mashed potato) and grilled lamb to spaghetti and…
Bar in Durmitor National Park

Čudna Šuma

Living up to its intriguing name (meaning 'Strange Forest'), this cafe-bar somehow manages to be rustic and hip at the same time.