Top things to do in Dobrota

International in Dobrota

Caffe del Mare

Pasta, burgers, pizzas; they've got all the classics here and do them remarkably well (the spicy Diavolo pizza is bliss for those with a taste for the hot stuff). Best of all, it does free deliveries all over Dobrot…
Seafood in Dobrota

Restoran Stari Mlini

It’s well worth making the trip to Ljuta, just north of Dobrota, to this magical restaurant set in and around an 18th-century flour mill by the edge of the bay. It's pricier than most and the service is variable, bu…
Dalmatian in Dobrota

Konoba Portun

It's well worth the 40-minute walk along the Dobrota waterfront from central Kotor just for Portun's romantic setting. Grab a pale-yellow seat on the romantic canvas-draped terrace jutting over the water and tuck in…
Beach in Dobrota

Žuta Plaža

Dobrota is effectively Kotor’s beach suburb. Private swimming platforms take up much of the waterline, but this pebbly stretch closest to Kotor is open to everybody. It's a beautiful spot for a swim, with the sheer…
Church in Dobrota

St Matthew's Church

The older of Dobrota's two Catholic churches, St Matthew's (1670) wears a baroque frontage, a well-proportioned dome and a tall steeple. You'll hear its bells, but getting within its walls is another story. It's rar…
Church in Dobrota

St Eustace's Church

Cavernous St Eustace’s dates from 1773 but has a 19th-century steeple and a little walled graveyard. It houses a valuable collection of paintings, including by Bellini and baroque master Carlo Dolci. Opening hours a…
Seafood in Dobrota

Restoran Ellas

Head upstairs to the rooftop terrace for lovely views of the bay and lots of Dalmatian-style seafood dishes, despite the name and the decor referencing Greece.