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Semi Submarine excursions

Our desire is to offer something new, unusual, and give you the opportunity to tour our shores above and below the surface of the sea.Our semi-submarine are designed to resemble real submarine. They do not dive, they sail the sea surface while the cabins are located below sea level.Underwater cabin has bulletproof glass on both sides, so it feels like you are driving in the real submarine. The door on the upper deck will remain open while driving so that visitors are able to step up on the deck and enjoy the scenic ride.Semi-submarine were registered for 14 people in addition to the skipper.We have prepared various trips ...Submarine is provided with 14 seats on deck area and that is perfect for admiring the Bay of Boka. The deck is covered with tent and  cabin inside  is equipped with air condition and air ventilation.We provide cold water for free for all trips.
1 hour