Top ChoiceMontenegrin in Cetinje


Occupying a scenic eyrie, well signposted on the way to Lipa Cave, this wonderful roadside restaurant serves traditional fare including freshwater fish, grilled squid, and lamb and veal slow-roasted ispod sača...

Cave in Cetinje

Lipa Cave

Cetinje may indeed be littered with old-time reminders of its days as Montenegro's capital city, but just 4km away lies an attraction that makes the town look positively modern. Millions of years old, Lipa Cave...

Montenegrin in Cetinje


They serve omelettes and pasta at this popular restaurant, but it's worth delving into artery-clogging local specialities such as Njeguški ražanj (smoky spit-roasted meat stuffed with prosciutto and cheese) or...

Mediterranean in Cetinje


Random capitalisation aside, we're big fans of TavèRna's pizza – especially when it's topped with the tastes of the Montenegrin heartland: Njeguši cheese and prosciutto. It's indicative of the pan-Adriatic menu,...

Bar in Cetinje


This hip-n-happening place is about as close to Cetinje gets to a club, with cheap cocktails, mega-danceable DJ sets and a young, cool crowd intent on whooping it up. By day, it's a chilled hangout where you can...

Pub in Cetinje

Scottish Pub Academia

Cosy and companionable, this popular place does a fair impression of a Scottish pub, with hearty fare and – of course – a long list of beers and whiskies to choose from. They have live acoustic music most nights,...

Bar in Cetinje


Java by day, jazzhands by night. This cute little bar offers exceptional people-watching from its prime position on Cetinje's main drag. It's not all finger-snapping and berets; they also run multi-genre open-mic...

International in Cetinje

Gradska Kafana

Situated within the endearingly run-down old Bulgarian Embassy, this local favourite is a top spot for a good-sized meal (Cetinje may not be by the sea, but Gradska Kafana still whips up excellent fish and...

Street in Cetinje

Ulica Njegoševa

Cetinje’s main street is pretty Njegoševa, a partly pedestrianised thoroughfare lined with interesting buildings, cafes and shops.

Gallery in Cetinje

Montenegrin Art Gallery

All of Montenegro’s great artists are represented here, with the most famous (Milunović, Lubarda, Ðurić etc) having their own separate spaces. There’s a small collection of icons, the most important being the...

Museum in Cetinje

History Museum

Housed in the imposing former parliament building (1910), this fascinating museum follows a timeline from the Stone Age onwards. Historical relics include the tunic that Prince Danilo was wearing when he was...

Gallery in Cetinje

Miodrag Dado Ðurić Gallery

This edgy establishment is an offshoot of the Montenegrin Art Gallery, and is dedicated to one of Montenegro's most important artists, who died in 2010. Housed in a striking five-storey concrete-and-glass...

Palace in Cetinje

King Nikola Museum

Entry to this maroon-and-white palace (1871), home to the last sovereign of Montenegro, is by guided tour (you may need to wait for a group to form). Although looted during WWII, more than enough plush...

Italian in Cetinje


The wood-beamed porch and astro-turfed terrace facing the garden is such a pleasant place to sit that the reasonably priced pizza, pasta and Montenegrin cuisine feels like a bonus – the decent wine list even more...

Concert Venue in Cetinje

Summer Stage

In the peak season, open-air concerts and other performances are often held at the Roman amphitheatre-like Summer Stage (Ljetnja Pozornica) at the foot of the rocky Orlov Krš.

Christian Monastery in Cetinje

Cetinje Monastery

It’s a case of four times lucky for the Cetinje Monastery, having been repeatedly destroyed during Ottoman attacks and rebuilt. This sturdy incarnation dates from 1786, with its only exterior ornamentation being...

Church in Cetinje

Vlach Church

While its present appearance dates from the 19th century, this stone church was actually founded around 1450, thus predating the Montenegrin founding of Cetinje. A sumptuous gilded iconostasis (1878) is the...

Church in Cetinje

Court Church

Built in 1886 on the ruins of the original Cetinje Monastery, this little church has a lovely gilded iconostasis, but its main claim to fame is as the burial place of Cetinje’s founder, Ivan Crnojević, and...

Palace in Cetinje

Njegoš Museum Biljarda

This castlelike palace was the residence of Montenegro’s favourite son, prince-bishop and poet Petar II Petrović Njegoš. It was built and financed by the Russians in 1838 and housed the nation’s first billiard...