Central Montenegro drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Cocktail Bar in Podgorica

Street Bar

The street has come out of the cold in this hip little bar, lined with faux shopfronts and scattered with park-style furniture. It's actual outside area is a surprisingly pleasant tree-lined terrace in a patch of ur…
Top Choice Bar in Podgorica

Culture Club Tarantino

Exemplifying the offbeat flavour of the Bokeška strip, this quirky spot promotes local music, art and other alternative happenings. It's a good place for a coffee and local-watching by day; at night it throngs with …
Bar in Cetinje


This hip-n-happening place is about as close to Cetinje gets to a club, with cheap cocktails, mega-danceable DJ sets and a young, cool crowd intent on whooping it up. By day, it's a chilled hangout where you can enj…
Bar in Cetinje


Java by day, jazzhands by night. This cute little bar offers exceptional people-watching from its prime position on Cetinje's main drag. It's not all finger-snapping and berets; they also run multi-genre open-mic ni…
Pub in Cetinje

Scottish Pub Academia

Cosy and companionable, this popular place does a fair impression of a Scottish pub, with hearty fare and – of course – a long list of beers and whiskies to choose from. They have live acoustic music most nights, bu…
Bar in Podgorica

Sejdefa Ethno Jazz Club

Laid-back and local, this hip spot has live music (usually, obviously, jazz) on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Try the owner's homemade wines and rakija.
Bar in Nikšić

Blues Brothers Bar

Fantastic bar that often hosts various cultural events, from music (orchestra, blues, rock, you name it) to alternative art and cinema exhibitions.
Bar in Nikšić

Propaganda Bar

This vibrant cafe-bar is populated by friendly, arty locals nattering over superb coffees by day and even better cocktails by night.
Pub in Podgorica

Montenegro Pub

Fun and friendly little nook that often hosts live rock, ska and alternative bands.
Bar in Podgorica

Buda Bar

A golden Buddha smiles serenely as you meditate over your morning coffee or search for the eternal truth at the bottom of a cocktail glass. This is one slick watering hole; the tentlike semienclosed terrace is the p…