Top things to do in Around Herceg Novi

Mountain in Around Herceg Novi

Mt Orjen

Hulking Mt Orjen (1893m) separates Herceg Novi from Hercegovina and is higher than the more famous Mt Lovćen. It’s a popular spot for hiking and mountain biking (bring plenty of water). A hiking trail commences near…
Island in Around Herceg Novi


The circular splat of Mamula is only 200m in diameter. The island is named after the Austro-Hungarian general who created the fort (1853) still standing on the island, which became an infamous Italian prison during …
Seafood in Around Herceg Novi

Restoran Olimpija

The locals love this family-run place for its stupendous mama-cooked meals, down-home atmosphere and enormous portion sizes. Meso ispod sača (meat cooked under a metal lid with hot coals on top) is the speciality he…
Montenegrin in Around Herceg Novi


The name means 'library', and indeed, this cosy restaurant is stocked with books in many languages. The menu also makes for good reading, if you're into hearty meaty treats. The terrace is also a top spot for a tipp…
Seafood in Around Herceg Novi


You'll need to make an effort to find this local favourite, but the pay-off comes in the form of excellent Bokelj-style seafood served on a large terrace facing the water. To get here, follow the sign to Savina at t…
Italian in Around Herceg Novi

Al Posto Giusto

This restaurant's expanding popularity is fuelled by its excellent woodfired pizzas.