Top things to do

Top Choice Ruins in Stari Bar

Stari Bar

A small museum just inside the entrance explains the site and its history. From here, follow the green arrows around the major points of interest. In the western part of the town are the remains of St Nicholas’ Chur…
Top Choice Seafood in Pržno

Konoba Langust

This highly-rated fish restaurant has been serving traditional seafood meals from its stretch of the Pržno promenade for over 20 years. Take it from their many guests who have been returning here year after year: yo…
Top Choice Fortress in Petrovac


Clamber up the steps of this small Venetian fortress for photogenic views of the beach and the dramatic diagonal stratification of the limestone cliffs melting into the turquoise water below. An interesting socialis…
Top Choice Montenegrin in Stari Bar


Located on the steep road leading to Stari Bar's main gate (the restaurant's name means 'cobblestone'), this wonderful little eatery manages to be simultaneously very traditional and slightly twee. The focus is on t…
Top Choice Seafood in Velika Plaža & Ada Bojana


The most upmarket of the Bojana River restaurants is focussed completely on seafood, including octopus, shrimps, shellfish, a big selection of fresh fish, and, of course, delicious riblja čorba. Its motto, with apol…
Top Choice Seafood in Velika Plaža & Ada Bojana

Ćićkova Čarda

Seemingly constructed Robinson Crusoe–style from flotsam and jetsam, this very atmospheric restaurant on the Ada Bojana side of the river serves lots of traditional seafood dishes as well as the usual selection of p…
Top Choice Montenegrin in Pržno

Konoba Zago

'If it ain't broke, why fix it?' seems to be the adage adhered to by the owners of Zago, one of Pržno's first restaurants, and still one of its best. The traditional menu is as authentic as you can get (they make th…
Top Choice Montenegrin in Budva

Grill Bistro Parma

A good grill (roštilj) is easy to find in meat-loving Montenegro, but if you're looking for one that's great, get your carnivorous self to Parma post-haste. Everything from ćevapi to chicken is barbecued to perfecti…
Top Choice Music in Budva

Sea Dance Festival

Three huge days of international music acts on Jaz Beach.
Top Choice Montenegrin in Budva


Bus stations and top nosh are usually mutually exclusive territories, but this marvellous restaurant is the exception to the rule. For starters, it sits in a gorgeous green oasis populated by peacocks, deer and goat…