Museum in Uliastai

History Museum

This decent History Museum contains a mammoth bone, some fine religious art and a tsam mask, worn during lama dances, made from coral. There is also a good collection of photographs of Uliastai taken in the early 20…
Museum in Uliastai

Museum of Famous People

Next door to the History Museum, the Museum of Famous People features well-known Zavkhanites (including Mongolia’s first two democratically elected presidents, P Ochirbat and N Bagabandi), and is included in the ad…
Viewpoint in Uliastai

Javkhlant Tolgoi

This hilltop near the river and just to the north of the main street features a pavilion, nine stupas and the concrete likenesses of an elk, ibex and argali sheep. The views from the top are good. To the northeast, …
Buddhist Monastery in Uliastai

Tögs Buyant Javkhlant Khiid

The small monastery towards the base of the hill has around 20 monks with daily ceremonies at 10am.
Ruins in Uliastai

Manchu Military Garrison

Reserve in Otgon Tenger Uul Strictly Protected Area

Otgon Tenger Uul Strictly Protected Area

Lake in Otgon Tenger Uul Strictly Protected Area

Khökh Nuur

in Zagastain Davaa

Zagastain Davaa

in Zagastain Davaa

Balbals and Burial Mounds