Top things to do

Top Choice Cultural in Ölgii

Ölgii Eagle Festival

There are 360 eagle-hunters in Bayan-Ölgii and every year around 70 of them converge at Sayat Tube (Hunter’s Hill), 8km east of Ölgii, for the annual Eagle Festival.The traditional horse games and camel races that a…
Top Choice Cave in Tsenkheriin Agui

Tsenkheriin Agui

This huge cave about 100km southeast of Khovd City looks deceptively small from the parking area but once you scramble up the loose rock path, you realise how big it is and how it must have afforded considerable she…
Top Choice Lake in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

Khoton Nuur

The southern shore along Khoton Nuur has excellent camping spots, especially around Ulaan Tolgoi, the spit of land that juts majestically into the lake. The northern tip of the lake is marked by Aral Tolgoi (Island …
Top Choice Mongolian in Uliastai

Uliastai Hotel Restaurant

The cleanest, smartest restaurant in town, and the only one with an English menu, Uliastai Hotel serves up BBQ chicken, beef stew and fried fish to go along with a range of traditional Mongolian dishes. Has a bar, a…
Top Choice Kazakh in Ölgii

Arvin Restaurant & Pub

Smartly turned-out waiting staff, snappy service, an upmarket vibe and some tasty Kazakh favourites make this popular with locals and travellers alike. We recommend the sirne (a Kazakh dish of meat cooked in a press…
Top Choice Lake in Üüreg Nuur

Üüreg Nuur

Cultural in Sagsai

Altai Eagle Festival

The festival, held about 6km southwest of Sagsai, is smaller than the Ölgii Eagle Festival, although it follows much the same program of eagle hunting competitions, horse events and camel races. One notable differen…
Mongolian in Ulaangom

Jangar Restaurant

Housed in a concrete ger, the animal pelts hanging from the beams might put some off, but this is a comfortable place to sample decent Mongolian dishes. Has some Western-style dishes too. No English menu. Dishes on …
Museum in Uliastai

History Museum

This decent History Museum contains a mammoth bone, some fine religious art and a tsam mask, worn during lama dances, made from coral. There is also a good collection of photographs of Uliastai taken in the early 20…
Museum in Khovd City

Aimag Museum

This regional museum has the usual collection of stuffed wildlife, plus some excellent ethnic costumes, Buddhist and Kazakh art and a snow-leopard pelt tacked up on the wall. One of the more interesting exhibits is …