Market in Ölgii


Traditional Kazakh skullcaps, wall hangings and throws, knives and dombra (traditional Kazakh two-stringed lutes) can be found amid the chaos here. Also good for fruit and vegetables. There are several cheap guanzes…
Arts & Crafts in Ölgii

Otau Shop

Cosy arts and crafts shop selling Kazakh felt handicrafts (bags, purses, slippers, hats) as well as traditional clothing. Prices start at around T4000. The owners live on-site; ring the bell to get in. Look for the …
Arts & Crafts in Chandmani

Bisness Enkhbator Töv

A women's cooperative workshop that sells handmade felt and camel-wool items including cosy slippers, saddle covers for horses and camels, and woven shagai (a dice game using anklebones) fortune-telling boards.