Tourist Information in Ulaangom

Strictly Protected Areas Office

This government-run office provides permits for the region's national parks and may be able to help arrange drivers (T80,000-150,000 per day depending on vehicle) and English-speaking guides (T60,000 per day). Javza…
Tourist Information in Üüreg Nuur

Ranger Station

The ranger looks after all of the Uvs Nuur Strictly Protected Area from his ger here. If you need a trekking guide, he might step in for T20,000 per day. He also has a spare ger (T30,000) and can help with hiring ho…
Internet in Ulaangom

Internet Cafe

At the Telecom office beside the town square. The post office is also here.
Bank in Ulaangom

Khan Bank

Will exchange US dollars. Has an ATM.
Hospital in Ulaangom


Police in Ulaangom

Police Station

Guide in Kharkhiraa Uul & Türgen Uul


Guide in Kharkhiraa Uul & Türgen Uul


Bridge in Achit Nuur