Top things to do

Top Choice Bakery in Uliastai

Udwal Bakery and Coffee Shop

Expect a warm, English–speaking welcome from Amarzaya, the owner of this homely cafe. She can brew you up a latte (T4000) or cappuccino using a Nespresso machine; milkshakes, freshly made sandwiches, beef stew, tiny…
Viewpoint in Uliastai

Javkhlant Tolgoi

This hilltop near the river and to the northeast of Uliastai's main street features a pavilion, 11 stupas and the concrete likenesses of elk, ibex and argali sheep. From the top, turn your gaze east and you can just…
Museum in Uliastai

Zavkhan History Museum

This decent aimag museum contains the bone of a mammoth, some fine religious art and a coral tsam mask, worn during lama dances. There are also a few photographs of Uliastai taken in the early 20th century, a wall m…
Mongolian in Uliastai

Zagasan Nud Restaurant

Pair your meaty Mongolian fare with fresh salad dishes at this cosy restaurant attached to the hotel of the same name. It can also serve up a roast leg of sheep (T80,000) or whole fish (T30,000) with advance notice.…
Mongolian in Uliastai

Uliastai Hotel Restaurant

A safe bet, this hotel restaurant serves up barbecued chicken, beef stew and fried fish along with a range of traditional Mongolian dishes. It also has a good selection of drinks and a surprisingly funky music playl…
Museum in Uliastai

Museum of Famous People

Next door to the History Museum (and included in its admission price) the Museum of Famous People features well-known Zavkhanites, including Mongolia’s first two democratically elected presidents, P Ochirbat and N B…
Market in Uliastai


Shop here for vegetables and staples. There's also a row of guanzes (canteens) serving cheap buuz (mutton dumplings) and the like.
Buddhist Monastery in Uliastai

Tögs Buyant Javkhlant Khiid

The small monastery towards the base of the hill has around 20 monks and daily ceremonies at 10am.
Supermarket in Uliastai

Bayan Burd Supermarket

Well-stocked supermarket near the roundabout.
Ruins in Uliastai

Manchu Military Garrison

Apart from its foundations, nothing remains of the garrison established by Manchurian generals in 1733. It's a half-hour ramble across grassy meadows and streams from the centre of Uliastai.