Top things to do

Mongolian in Ulaangom

Jangar Restaurant

Housed in a concrete ger, the animal pelts hanging from the beams might put some off, but this is a comfortable place to sample decent Mongolian dishes. Has some Western-style dishes too. No English menu. Dishes on …
Museum in Ulaangom

Aimag Museum

This OK Aimag Museum has the usual stuff plus a section on the 16th-century Oirad leader Amarsanaa (the chainmail jacket is supposedly his). There’s a wing dedicated solely to the reign of one-time dictator Yu Tsede…
Fusion in Ulaangom

Qinggis Pub & Restaurant

Probably the best Ulaangom has to offer; the stir-fried steak meals are called simply 'meat dishes'. Our favourite was the slightly spicy 'meat dish with pepper'. Also does dumplings, soup and the like. English menu…
Spring in Ulaangom

Ulaan Uulyn Rashaan

Just outside of town on the south side of Ulaan Uul (Red Mountain), a small spring draws a steady crowd of picnicking locals who come here to drink the medicinal water and knock back vodka shots.
Mongolian in Ulaangom

Ikh Mongol

Undergoing renovation at the time of research, but always used to be one of the better places in town for a meal and a drink.
Historic Site in Ulaangom

Bairam Davaa Ancient Graves and Balbals

Market in Ulaangom


Historic Site in Ulaangom

Bairam Davaa Graves and Balbals

Buddhist Monastery in Ulaangom

Dechinravjaalin Khiid

Dechinravjaalin Khiid was originally founded in 1738 and contained seven temples and 2000 monks. The place was pulverised in 1937 thanks to Stalin, and its current incarnation consists of a concrete ger and about 20…
Historic Site in Ulaangom