Taxi in Ulaanbaatar

Help Cab & Tours

Has an English speaking dispatcher and reputation for being reliable, safe and honest. Its main clients are expats and the prices are slightly higher than other companies. Booking fee is T1000, and flagfall is T5000…
Train Station in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar Railway Station

Ulaanbaatar's train station is mostly used by travellers for international trips along the Trans-Mongolian railway. There's an ATM and foreign exchange, mobile phone operators and information centre in the main buil…
Train in Ulaanbaatar

International Railway Ticket Office

On the 2nd floor of the train ticket office, in the building next to the train station, this is the place to book international trains. An English timetable is posted on the wall, and there are English-speaking staf…
Airport in Ulaanbaatar

Chinggis Khaan Airport

Located 16km from the city centre, UB's international airport has a tourist information booth for arrivals, car rental, free wi-fi, mobile phone operators, a post office, an ATM and a coffee shop.
Car Rental in Ulaanbaatar


Eight different pick-up locations are available, including the airport, the Best Western Tuushin Hotel and ICC Tower.
Taxi in Ulaanbaatar

Noyon Zuuch Taxi Company

Reliable service with English-speaking dispatchers.
Airline in Ulaanbaatar

Air China

Located on Narny Gudamj in the southeast of town.
Airline in Ulaanbaatar


International flights only.
Airline in Ulaanbaatar


Bus Stop in Ulaanbaatar

Dragon Bus Terminal