Mongol National Khuushuur & Buuz

Mongolian in Ulaanbaatar

This cute, better-than-average guanz (canteen) is decked out with ger-style furniture and black-and-white photos from the Mongolian countryside. Menu items include freshly made buuz and khuushuur (fried meat pancakes), plus guriltei shuul (soup with meat and noodles) made in a hotpot. It's a friendly place with quality food, although the overall scene is a bit scruffier than it needs to be.

Order from the counter – the photo-menu above the window lists the options available. The variety of khuushuur available is called geriin khuushuur (home-cooked), recognisable from the pinched sides and half-oval shape. If you choose the mini hotpot, expect a boiling soup with meat, potatoes, carrots, pasta and bansh (mini buuz). The exterior is an unremarkable glass window with bars, squeezed between small shops on the northwest corner of Baga Toiruu. The Mongolian language sign says 'Mongol Ardiin Khuushuur Buuz' in cursive Cyrillic.