Top Choice Traditional Music in Ulaanbaatar

Altain Orgil

Well-known folklore ensemble that plays traditional Mongolian music, including long songs and throat singing. Their stage outfits are influenced by the robes worn by shaman. In summer they play 30-minute concerts ev…
Top Choice Theatre in Ulaanbaatar

National Academic Drama Theatre

During most of the year, this large, red-hued theatre shows one of a dozen or so Mongolian-language productions by various playwrights from Mongolia, Russia and beyond. Don Quixote was playing when we last visited. …
Top Choice Traditional Music in Ulaanbaatar

Mongolian National Song & Dance Ensemble

The Mongolian National Song & Dance Ensemble puts on performances for tourists throughout the summer in the National Academic Drama Theatre. Shows are less frequently staged at the Cultural Palace on the northea…
Jazz in Ulaanbaatar

UB Jazz Club

As the name suggests, this is a dedicated jazz club – the only one in Ulaanbaatar. There's live music nightly at around 8.30pm. A rotating group of bands play here (check their Facebook page, UB Jazz, for upcoming e…
Opera in Ulaanbaatar

State Opera & Ballet Theatre

Built by the Russians in 1932, the State Opera & Ballet Theatre is the salmon-pinkish building on the southeast corner of Chinggis Khaan Sq. On Saturday and Sunday evenings throughout the year, and sometimes als…
Traditional Music in Ulaanbaatar

State Youth & Children’s Theatre

The Tumen Ekh Song & Dance Ensemble at the State Youth & Children’s Theatre is the most popular cultural show in town, featuring traditional singers, dancers and contortionists. It’s a great chance to hear k…
Traditional Music in Ulaanbaatar

Tsuki House

The Moonstone Song & Dance Ensemble at Tsuki House puts on a Mongolian cabaret. You get the lot: contortionists, throat singers, musicians, tsam mask dancers and an electrifying shaman dance done in contemporary…
Live Performance in Ulaanbaatar

Torgo Fashion Salon

Mongolian models strut their stuff on the catwalk at the Torgo Fashion Salon nightly at 6pm from 1 June to 25 September. The designs, by local designers, usually blend traditional Mongolian outfits into contemporary…
Live Music in Ulaanbaatar

River Sounds

This is one of the best places to hear music as it’s a dedicated live-music venue with jazz bands and the occasional indie rock band. It's located behind the Foreign Ministry.
Cultural Centre in Ulaanbaatar

American Center for Mongolian Studies

Has a small library of books on Mongolia. Hosts occasional lectures by Western and Mongolian academics, authors and other people of interest (check the website for events).