Must see attractions in Ulaanbaatar

  • U
    UB Art Gallery

    This well-curated gallery set in a stylish space exhibits contemporary Mongolian art with regular shows.

  • B
    Badma Ega Datsan

    Belonging to Gandan Khiid, Badma Ega is a small, ramshackle place on a busy intersection. While Badma Ega is the original name for the temple, many know…

  • M
    Mongolia Theatre Museum

    The history of film and theatre in Mongolia is told through photographs and models at this small museum located on the 3rd floor of the Cultural Palace…

  • D
    Dashchoilon Khiid

    Originally built in 1890 and destroyed in the late 1930s, this monastery was partially rebuilt and is now located in three huge concrete gers that once…

  • B
    Bakula Rinpoche Süm

    The Bakula Rinpoche Süm was founded in 1999 by the late Indian ambassador, himself a reincarnated lama from Ladakh. The Rinpoche’s ashes were interred…

  • D
    Dinosaur Museum Hunnu Mall

    This dinosaur 'museum', in an incongruous location within a mall, has displays of a Tarbosaurus bataar and a massive long-necked Opisthocoelicaudia among…

  • N
    National Garden Park

    In the southern part of Ulaanbaatar is the sprawling National Garden Park, a popular place for locals to unwind and get some fresh air after work and on…

  • U
    Ulaanbaatar City Museum

    The Ulaanbaatar City Museum offers a brief but insightful view of Ulaanbaatar’s history through old maps and photos. The most interesting item is a huge…

  • C
    Chinggis Khaan Statue

    The enormous marble construction at the north end of UB's main square was completed in 2006 in time for the 800th anniversary of Chinggis Khaan’s…

  • C
    Chinggis Khan Waxworks Museum

    If you're in the area to visit the cashmere outlets, this Madam Tussauds'–style wax museum is worth a look to see realistic figures of Chinggis Khan,…

  • S
    Stamp Museum

    Well hidden within the Central Post Office, this small stamp museum covers Mongolia's history from 1924 to the current day. Of most interest are the…

  • B
    Blue Sky Tower

    Rising from the ground like a giant shark fin is UB's most recognisable landmark, the Blue Sky Tower. This gleaming blue glass 105m-tall building houses a…

  • M
    Mazaalai Art Gallery

    This commercial gallery is worth a look to check out some contemporary Mongolian art, and possibly to pick up something for the wall back home.

  • B
    Buddha Park

    Buddha Park is harder to appreciate these days since the construction of a high-rise, commercial development that encompasses the 23m-high Sakyamuni…

  • D
    Damdin Sükhbaatar Statue

    The square that bears Damdin Sükhbaatar's name features a statue of him astride his horse. The words he apparently spoke when declaring Mongolia's…

  • M
    Mongolian Stock Exchange

    The white colonnaded building to the southwest of Sükhbaatar Sq is the Mongolian Stock Exchange, which was opened in 1992 in the former Children's Cinema…

  • C
    Central Tower

    Very much symbolic of UB's rise in fortune is the swanky Central Tower, home to luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Armani. As well as retail and…

  • W
    Wedding Palace

    The large, white square building located just southwest of the Victims of Political Persecution Memorial Museum is called the Wedding Palace. Built in…