Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Tsetserleg

Museum of Arkhangai Aimag

This is one of the best aimag museums in the country, not least because it is housed in the charming courtyard-temple complex of Zayain Gegeenii Süm, which was first built in 1586 but expanded in 1679, when it house…
Top Choice Cafe in Tsetserleg

Fairfield Cafe & Bakery

A godsend for those who've done the hard yards in the countryside, this Australian-run cafe-restaurant offers a fantastic menu of international cuisine. The cafe bakes its own bread and cakes, to go with full Englis…
Temple in Tsetserleg

Galdan Zuu Temple

An unmissable landmark overlooking town is this spectacular temple perched high up the hill above the aimag museum. It stands behind an impressive 7m statue of the Buddha. Behind the temple is a large, near-vertical…
Korean in Tsetserleg

Tamir Hotel

Hidden behind a dreary facade is this Korean restaurant doing spicy chicken dishes, with the usual bibimbap, bulgogi and grilled-meat options served on lazy-Susan tables. There's a fridge full of cold beer, as well …
Arts & Crafts in Tsetserleg

Art Shop

This little gallery is owned by artist Batbold, where he sells his quality original paintings, as well as Buddhist and Soviet-era artefacts. He also has a small shop at the Museum of Arkhangai Aimag.
Natural Feature in Tsetserleg

Taikhar Rock

Located 22km northwest of Tsetserleg, this rock formation is the subject of many local legends, the most common one being that a great baatar (hero) crushed a huge serpent here by hurling the rock on top of it. Loca…
Monastery in Tsetserleg

Buyandelgerüülekh Khiid

Tsetserleg’s small, scrappy monastery (next to the museum) has a handful of monks who hold services at 11am in summer and 10am in winter. The main statue here is Sakyamuni; you’ll also see a picture of the last Zaya…
Mongolian in Tsetserleg


Just across from the town's market is this popular little restaurant with booth seating and beautifully presented Mongolian mains. There's a bar here, too.
Wool in Tsetserleg

Nooslog Wool Shop

Next door to Fairfield Guesthouse, this shop sells handmade woollen products and souvenirs. It's opening hours are sporadic.
Market in Tsetserleg


A good place to stock up on groceries and supplies, with several supermarkets situated along this strip.