Top Choice Cafe in Tsetserleg

Fairfield Cafe & Bakery

This Australian-run cafe-restaurant is one of the highlights of Tsetserleg and should not be missed even if you aren't staying at the guesthouse it's attached to. A full English breakfast (T14,400) consists of bacon…
Mongolian in Tsetserleg


A little fancier than other places in town, this 2nd-floor restaurant serves local favourites such as buuz, goulash and puntutste khuurag (glass noodles). Also does roast chicken (ta-khia-ny makh) and various rice d…
Mongolian in Tsetserleg

Orgil Pub

No English menu, but there's a handy photo menu stuck to one wall so you can point and choose. All the usual Mongolian favourites are here, and it's a decent place to come to for a beer in the evening. They keep ser…