Internet Access

A handful of internet cafes can be found in Ulaanbaatar and other cities. Signs are often in English or Mongolian (Интэрнэт Кафэ). Wi-fi hotspots are just about everywhere in bigger cities. In villages you'll need to ask around.

Internet cafes Every aimag capital has an internet cafe at the central Telecom office. Some sum centres also have internet access. Expect to pay around T1000 per hour at internet cafes, double or triple that for hotel business centres.

Wi-fi and cable In our reviews, places with free wi-fi, or internet-connected computers, are indicated with an icon. Some hotels will just have an internet cable sticking out of the wall but require you to have your own laptop; if this is the case, it is described in the hotel listing.

ISPs Internet service providers such as Skytel charge T44,000 for 5mbs of internet service per month.

Mobile broadband 3G is available where you can get a mobile-phone connection. Use sparingly as it does tend to drain your phone units.