Time zones Mongolia is divided into two time zones: the three western aimags of Bayan-Ölgii, Uvs and Khovd are one hour behind Ulaanbaatar and the rest of the country.

Daylight saving Mongolia does not observe daylight-saving time, which means that the sun can rise at very early hours in summer.

Standard time The standard time in Ulaanbaatar is UTC/GMT plus eight hours. This puts Ulaanbaatar in the same time zone as Bĕijīng, Hong Kong, Singapore and Perth. When it's 1pm in Ulaanbaatar it's 6am in London and 10.20pm (the day before) in Los Angeles.

24-hour clock The 24-hour clock is used for plane and train schedules.

Margash & You

There is another form of ‘Mongolian time’: add an hour to any appointments you make. Mongolians are notorious for being late, although this is more a problem in the countryside than in the city. Often events and meetings are simply put off until the next day. The Mongolian version of mañana (tomorrow) is margash.