Imagine a 400m-long jigsaw of white-sand cliffs, striped pastel shades of purple, orange and red, and the thrumming beat of swallows' wings as they zoom toward the cliffs, veering off at the last heartbeat before impact. Now, move toward the edge (be careful not to get too close to an eroding overhang). Look down, and you'll see more of the same: white sand, streaked with minerals formed into a rolling landscape of colour, before finally flattening into big sky plains. That's the scene awaiting you at Tsagaan Suvarga, a sight similar to Bayanzag, but with much more colour and a sliver of the tourism footprint.

Most visitors merely walk along the cliff top, then find a trail down to the mounds that roll along the valley floor. The photo ops are tremendous and there are two sleeping options nearby too.