Mongolia Full Immersion! 17 Days for discover volcanos and lakes with us!

Multi-day & Extended Tours, Ulan Bator to Ulan Bator
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Tour description

Here is our most famous tour: Mongolia Full Immersion, where you can discover the deserts, lakes, and volcanoes! This tour is designed to allow you to visit the most beautiful areas of Mongolia in less than three weeks and let you enjoy completely different landscapes.We start from the Gobi desert to discover Erdene Zuu, built from the rubble of the Genghis Khan’s capital. We proceed towards the Orkhon valley and the thermal springs of Tsenkher.We will then continue with a walk towards the former volcanic area of Khorgo-Terk and the amazing Tsagaan Nuur to end with the famous Lake Hovsgol, also known as the Blue Pearl of Asia.

The first 5 days of the tour will be dedicated to the destinations in the desert, starting with the visit to the Baga Gazar site where we will admire some amazing rock formations. Here, Genghis Kaan faced one of his most challenging battles.Then we will head for Tsaagan Survaga – also called “Stupa Bianco”. It is an incredible canyon result of erosion by wind and water that have shaped it over the centuries, making it one of the most evocative places in the Gobi Desert.We will visit the wonderful valley of Yol, famous because it is the only place in the world where, even though it is a desert, you can find an open-cast glacier and the dunes of Khongor where we will ride a camel for about 30/45 minutes. Then we will climb one of the dunes.We will end the desert exploration with Bayanzag, also called Flaming Cliff because of its red colored rocks.Then we will visit Erdene Zuu, the only monastery in the world surrounded by Stupa, where more religions and cultures managed to survive together.After leaving the ancient capital, we will enter the green valley of Orkhon and admire the waterfalls. We will climb up to the monastery of Tuvkun. This ancient complex is located on top of the Shiveet mountain, at about 2000 meters, and it was built around the year 1650 for meditative and study purposes.After the monastery, we will relax for one day at the Tsenkher thermal baths. Then, we will visit the National Park of Khorgo Terkh, known for the countless volcanic activities; here the landscape will be different, from the green we will see the volcanic black earth with its red/brown rocks. We will climb up to the great crater of the volcano and stay overnight near Tsagaan Nuur (white lake).The last days of the tour will take you to the beautiful Hovsgol lake. This famous lake stretches between Mongolia and Russia for about 100 km, and its water catchment areas account for 3% of all the water on earth. The area became a national park in the late 90’s. It counts a huge variety of plants and animal, being one of the best destinations for nature lovers. We will also visit the Uran volcano and the third largest monastery in Mongolia, the Amarbaysgalant monastery, also known as the Monastery of Happiness and relax. The monastery was looted in the mid 40’s but then renovated.

What's included

  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners, transportation by Jeep / off-road (depending on road conditions), bottled water, museums fees, park fees, english speaking guide, driver
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Bottled water
  • Coffee and/or Tea

What's not included

  • Personal expenses, travel insurance, airfare