Top Choice Mongolian in Bayankhongor City

Uran Khairkhan

Enter through the ramshackle side entrance into jovial Uran Khairkhan, an atmospheric brick house with cosy booth dining. There's no English menu, but you'll find your usual favourites: tsuivan, goulash, bif-shtek (…
Top Choice Korean in Mandalgov

Urgoo Restaurant

This Korean restaurant, the best in town, is set on the 1st floor of a permanent ger structure behind the main government building off the main square. They offer a mix of hotpots, and fried, sweet chicken and pork …
Mongolian in Bayankhongor City


Bayankhongor's most pleasant restaurant is clean and family-friendly, but doesn't have an English menu. They have two or three chicken dishes (takhia ny makh) and the usual mutton offerings. Their chinjutei makhan k…
Korean in Dalanzadgad

Marvel Restaurant & Pub

A tiny yet hip pub set down a pedestrian lane, with a nice menu of Mongolian favourites and Korean classics, including kimchi stew. They do some Western dishes, can arrange special-order vegetarian meals, and the Go…
Market in Bayankhongor City

Baruun Bus

This cavernous market, fragmented into stalls, offers the best produce selection in town, which makes it a good place to stock up on self-catering supplies. It's located just south of the Black Market.
Mongolian in Altai

Gov Altai Market

Altai's market is a cute jigsaw of old, repurposed shipping containers, from which merchants work as their own storage areas and showrooms. The best of the market guanz is set in a ger on the main road.
International in Dalanzadgad

Gobi Sands Hotel Restaurant

With great views of the town and the distant mountains, this 7th-floor restaurant and bar is undeniably attractive, and the food is tasty and well presented. There are plenty of Mongolian options, plus pizza and pas…
Mongolian in Zamyn-Üüd

Khan Buuz

On the train station platform is this branch of the dependable canteen chain, Khan Buuz. No English menu, but some photos to point at. Does buuz (obviously), as well as tsuivan, various soups, khuushuur and warming …
Market in Bayankhongor City

Black Market

The larger of Bayankhongor City's markets, the Black Market is a good place to go looking for guanz (canteens) selling buuz (mutton dumplings) and khuushuur (mutton pancakes). It's located behind the city's bus stat…
Supermarket in Bayankhongor City

Jinchin Supermarket

Bayankhongor's best supermarket offers a minor selection of hearty produce (beetroots, onions, potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage and apples) along with eggs, some perplexing processed meats that may have you con…