Must-see attractions in The Gobi

  • Tsagaan Bulag

    This white rock outcrop has the faint imprint of a strange helmeted figure, which locals believe was created by, um, aliens. Maybe they're right?

  • Natural History Museum

    Filled with bad taxidermy, a replica Tarbosaurus skeleton and some fossils, including a 130-million-year-old fossilised turtle.

  • Bugiin Tsav

    A large series of rift valleys running parallel to the Altan Uul mountain range and famous for its dinosaur fossils.

  • Gunii Khöndii Gorge

    A beautiful, 4km-long gorge with vertical walls, about 70km southwest of Bayangovi.

  • Delgeriin Choiriin Khiid

    One of many monasteries destroyed in the purges of the 1930s, the Delgeriin Choiriin Khiid is in the process of being rebuilt and sequestered. In the…

  • Shuteen Park

    The views from the temple at the top of this somewhat dreary park set behind a drab monastery are vast. They overlook town and the mountains beyond, but…

  • Khoshuu Khuralin Khiid

    Very little remains of this monastery 21km south of the two at Ongiin Khiid itself save a scattering of broken brickwork and Chinese pottery. It is not a…

  • Senjit Khad

    An impressive rock arch rises from the desert about 95km northeast of Sainshand in Altanshiree sum. If you're on the hunt for all of the Gobi's treasures,…

  • Dashpeljeelen Khiid

    Altai's working monastery is not well set up for visitors. It's at the base of Shuteen Park.