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The dirt road out of town toward Biger from Altai takes you through a rugged landscape pock-marked with crude, unlicensed gold mines. You'll see families living out of tents, digging through spring-fed creek beds, hunting for gold flakes. In a parched region like this, it's not a happy sight.

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$630 Cultural & Theme Tours

Altai mountain, Western Mongolian tours

Here is most suggested, all combined tour itinerary "Taste of Altai and Western Mongolia in 8 Days" Day 1: Arrive to Olgii, the administration center of Bayan-Olgii province. The majority of the population of the region are ethnic Kazakhs. At the airport you will welcomed by your local team, driver, guide and expedition cook. We will head to south entrance of Altai Tavan Bogd NP. Total drive 6 hours. Stay overnight at tent. B/L/D Day 2: Today we will hike to base camp. All baggage will be transported by camels. This is one of the main highlight in Mongolia. Enjoy a panoramic view to Altai mountains and Potanin glacier. Total hike 5-6 hours. Stay overnight at tent. B/L/D Day 3: Climb to Malchin peak, which located right on borderline between Mongolia and Russia. You have opportunity to enjoy breathtaking view to both country on top. Back to base camp. Total hike 6 hours. Stay overnight at tent. B/L/D Day 4: Go back to entrance of NP, this time we will take a different trail along the White-river. The colorful dust from glacier makes water a milky white. After arrival if you prefer we offer you to hike another 2 hours to see a Green lake. Total hike 6 hours. Stay overnight at tent. B/L/D Day 5: Today we will drive to lake side. On way we will stop for explore ancient cemeteries and Stone-man from Turk empire. Enjoy a wonderful wild nature of Khoton lake. Swimming and fishing day. Total drive 5 hours. Stay overnight at tent. B/L/D Day 6: Hike to Biluu hill, enjoy a surrounded land. Explore Petroglyphs from Bronze age. Afternoon we will drive further about one hour and will hike up to Waterfall, which takes around 3 hours in total. Visit an nomadic eagle hunter. Explore the unique culture of hunting with special trained Golden Eagles, Enjoy hospitality of locals. Total hike 5 hours. Stay overnight at ger. B/L/D Day 7: Drive back to Olgii. Visit a local Bazaar and Museum. Farewell dinner at restaurant. Total drive 6 hours. Stay overnight at hotel. B/L/D Tour price included: -All accommodations (ger, tent, hotel)  -All transportations -Local team: driver, guide and cook. -National park permit and fees -Camel support -Food and drinks (three time meal per day, snacks and water) -All camping and cooking equipment. Tour price excluded: -Domestic flight tickets -Alcohol drinks -Personal needs Notice: The best time to travel starts from July to September. This is a short itinerary and more activities included in. The tour itinerary is fixable and you always welcome to make change in Duration or Activities. B/L/D Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in 6 days

Day 1: Arrive to Olgii, At the airport you will meet your tour guide, driver and cook. The all camping equipment are already packed and loaded to cars, we are ready head to Altai mountains! You always welcome to ask for stop and photographing the land. Today we will stay in White-river valley, this is camping side of NP and south entrance.  Day 2: Base camp. Today we will head to base camp of Altai mountain. You have opportunity to go up by horseback or take a walk. All baggage will transported by camels. Enjoy breathtaking view to Altai mountains. Explore Potanin glacier which is one of the biggest in central Asia. Stay overnight at tent. Day 3: Today we will back to White river valley, and will take different trail than we came. The color of river is milky white and it is not drinkable. After arrival to camp side if you still have more energy, we suggest you take a another two hours walk to Green lake side. Day 4: Drive to Khoton lake. Explore ancient cemeteries and Stone-mans which belongs to Turk empire. The Koton lake is one of the most beautiful place  western Mongolia.  Day 5: After breakfast we will hiking surround and explore petroglyphs from Bronze Age. Also you can swim to lake. Afternoon we will visit an eagle hunter's family. Discover unique culture of eagle hunting. Drive back to Olgii. Farewell dinner at restaurant. Stay overnight at hotel. Day 6 Departure. Tour price included: -All transportation  - All accommodation -Camels and horses -Expedition team: guide, cook and driver -Food and drinks -National park permit and fees Tour price excluded: -Flight tickets -Alcohol drinks -Personal needs What to bring? Waterproof clothes, hiking shoes, sun screen and cream from mosquito, head light.  Notice: The tour itinerary is fixable and you can make change to duration or activities.

$670 Outdoor Activities

Altai trek, western Mongolia 10 days

Day 1. Arrive to Olgii, the land of Altai mountains and nomadic eagle hunters. Our team will welcome you from airport or bus station. Drive to Altai Tavan Bogd. White river valley- the south gate of National Park. Day 2. Base camp. Today we will head to base camp of Altai mountain. All baggage will be transported by camels. Enjoy breathtaking view of snow capped mountains. Day 3. Climb to Malchin peak which is famous with stunning view on top to Russian and Mongolian landscape. Back to camp side. Day 4. White river valley. The color of water is milky white and it is not drinkable. Day 5. Black valley. Belong to nomadic Tuvan ethnic people who are famous with their Shamanistic believe and throat sinning. Day 6. The Takhilt pass. One of the highest pass in our trip. The other side of valley start an untouched nature the Bear valley. Here you can see a wild animals. Day 7. Ah-Su region. Today camels will drop as to bridge and the vehicle will come over. Day 8. Khoton lake. Enjoy a stunning nature of pure water and gorgeous mountains. Today you have opportunity swim and fishing. Day 9. Visit an eagle hunter's family. Explore unique culture of hunting with special trained Golden Eagles. Waterfall hiking. Drive back to Olgii. Day 10. Departure. Tour price included: -all transportations -support team -all accomodations -national park permits and fees

$100 Day Trips & Excursions

Day tour in Olgii

Day trip highlights: Visit Nomadic Eagle Hunter's family. Explore ancient culture of hunting with special trained golden eagles. Ride a horse and take a memorable pictures of eagle hunter. Also you can hold eagle on your arm and call it from hill side. Climb to mountain and enjoy panoramic view of landscape. Discover archaeological monuments from Bronze age and Turk empire. Visit Local Bazaar and Museum. For more activities you can choose to go to lake Tolbo or go for fishing.   In case if you have more than one day we can go to Altai mountains.  Tours price included: - Driver with 4WD vehicle + Fueal - Visit Eagle Hunter's family - Lunch and dinner Tour price excluded: - Accommodation  - Personal shopping

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The Golden Eagle Festival 2018 17 Days

Mongolian nomadic Kazakh people are the last eagle hunters/huntresses of the world.They are the last Kazakh people who preserved the centuries-old tradition to the present. They use the golden eagle to hunt foxes, rabbits and sometimes wolves in Altai Tavan Bogd mountains, the westernmost mountains of Mongolia. All of the eagle hunters are nomads. And they gather together in the first weekend of October every year, to showcase the skills of their eagles and have some festive games called Tiyn Teru and Kokpar. The Eagle festival is the best event to experience the only, well preserved traditional Kazakh people on earth. The Golden Eagle Festival 2018 will take place in Ulgii town, Bayan-Ulgii province, Mongolia on 6-7th of October.For the festival The Great Mongolian Adventures team created and organizing the most comfortable and adventurous travel vacation, the one can experience magnificent Mongolia with all the highlighted destinations from the capital Ulaanbaatar city to the Altai mountains.This vacation is the last possible comfortable adventure tour of 2018. Due to a cold weather of winter, tourist traffic decreases significantly, and most of the Tourist camps will be closed from October to April throughout Mongolia.Following is the best adventurous itinerary created for travelers who prefer a comfortable travel style.We provide A-Z services ranging from airport pick-up to see-off so all you have to do is come to Mongolia. We will have everything ready for you prior to your arrival, including the best local accommodation and transportation.Accommodations: 4 star hotel in Ulaanbaatar city 2 days, selected tourists camps 8 days, camping in tent 5 days, Nomadic family stay 2 days.Activities: Horse riding, Trekking, Photography, Camel riding, Swimming, Camping