Arts & Crafts in Khovd City

Khovd Handicraft & Tours

This charming little shop specialises in Kazakh embroidery, felt products and a few leather items. A 1.2m x 2m felt carpet costs around US$80 while a pair of felt slippers will set you back around US$10.
Arts & Crafts in Ölgii

Altai Kerei

Small arts-and-crafts shop selling Kazakh felt handicrafts (bags, purses, slippers, hats) as well as traditional clothing. Prices start at around T2000.
Arts & Crafts in Ulaanbaatar

Möngön Zaviya

An enormous, nontouristy showroom of silver cups, belt buckles and jewellery. The basement has some of the best traditional silverwork.
Arts & Crafts in Mörön

Handicraft Shop

Sells high-quality handicrafts produced in Khövsgöl Aimag. It’s inside the 50° 100° Hotel.