Top Choice Market in Ulaanbaatar

Naran Tuul Market

East of the centre, this is also known as the Black Market (Khar Zakh), but it’s not the sort of place where you go to change money illegally and smuggle goods – though this certainly happens.A covered area has a de…
Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Ulaanbaatar

Mary & Martha Mongolia

Fair-trade shop selling handicrafts, felt products and modern Kazakh wall hangings. Has some innovative little products like computer bags and mobile-phone cases made with traditional designs. It's a couple of doors…
Maps in Ulaanbaatar

Cartography Co Map Shop

For maps try this shop near the Elba Electronics shop, although the stock is starting to age.
Electronics in Ulaanbaatar


This three-storey building is crammed with dozens of private dealers selling everything from flash drives to the latest laptops. It is located behind the Canon Showroom, which also has a computer shop.
Market in Ulaanbaatar

Container Market

This is the cheapest place for everyday food purchases. It's just south of Bakula Rinpoche Süm.
Cashmere in Ulaanbaatar

Gobi Cashmere Shop

This downtown outlet of the iconic brand shows off the latest fashions in cashmere and wool.
Silver Products in Ulaanbaatar

Möngön Zaviya

An enormous, nontouristy showroom of silver cups, belt buckles and jewellery. The basement has some of the best traditional silverwork.
Market in Choibalsan


Choibalsan’s proximity to China means that its market is well stocked. Purchase anything from fresh produce, dried dairy products and a local relish made of spring onion and garlic (great for livening up that mutton…
Cashmere in Ulaanbaatar

Cashmere House

Excellent cashmere garments can be purchased here. It’s opposite the Russian embassy.
Cashmere in Ulaanbaatar

Gobi Cashmere Factory Outlet

Has slightly lower prices than the cashmere shops in the city centre, although much of it is last year’s stock. It’s in the industrial suburbs and hard to find on your own. If you take a taxi, have your hotel write …